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We are experts in the transformative digitization of organizations - we teach manufacturing machines and equipment how to think. 

33A+ is a Czech company. We transform industrial businesses into digital ones, and we implement our own unique Smart Factory solutions, which transform organizations based on classical processes into intelligent, algorithmized operations. Our solutions are based on the principle of human collaboration and system intelligence with the aim of achieving the maximum effect for the customer.


Implementation of our 33A + solutions does not require any demanding changes. It can be done with your current machine park and available professionals.

33A+ solutions will bring you a reduction in production costs, advancement in your technologies, and a significant shift in your employees’ commitment to digitization.

Examples of solutions and case studies reveal several possibilities, for your specific questions use our contact form, we will contact you.

0 + 3 steps to digitization

Digitalization just because it’s modern doesn’t not make any sense. Maybe you already have an Industry 4.0 study, process maps, but nobody knows what it is and what they should do with it. Join us in finding the specific sense of I 4.0 just for your needs. We enjoy digitization and its issues and also creating new solutions, and we would be glad to transfer our experience to you. To become more familiar with the topic, we offer an introductory workshop or team coaching.

Without collecting data, it is not possible to analyse them. The first step towards digital transformation is to collect data from all possible sources - from sensors, production lines to human work. Data are mostly transferred to a specially designed database and then analysed. This provides an overview of your current production status.

Why do two identical devices work differently? Why are the results of the same production processes different depending on the area of production? Data collection and analysis can highlight the blind spots in your processes and provide knowledge of previously unknown factors. By comparing data from two machines or areas of production, you will get answers to questions that you did not know before. The reporting/visualization of data is not complicated, but it is a necessary step for future digitization, which you cannot avoid. We will help you choose the tools for data collection or advise you on how to use your existing platform or offer you ours.

The 33A+ platform supports the above principles, but we know all too well that you usually have the best information and experience. You know what to track and how to track it, so why not create your own KPI (Key Performance Indicators) in your process or machine.

This step concerns the digitization of existing production tools. LEAN* and OEE* are often used to control and monitor production as analogue tools, which are difficult to work with and the risk of errors is high. By digitizing LEAN and OEE products you can simplify the manufacturing process, making it easier to perform specific steps. Using the data collected in Step 1, you can measure and compare your production efficiency between machines, areas of production, time, and people.

*LEAN - Lean manufacturing is cost-effective production with minimal machine reserves or other potential, which require reliability in all parts of the system. The methodology was developed by Toyota after World War II.

*OEE (Overall equipment effectiveness) is a quantitative indicator of the effectiveness of manufacturing equipment.

For most of us, this is the simplest concept of digitization. Why not try it here? It’s a good method ... The ability to anticipate downtime and stoppages and to prevent them in time is the essence of Step 3. Many companies already have the required knowledge but lack the tools to transform this knowledge into specific actions. If you have performed Step 1, then predictive maintenance is not that far away.

If you can anticipate downtime caused by mechanical problems, gaps in the supply chain or logistical problems, you will also be able to make decisions that prevent costly stoppages. This significantly reduces service and maintenance costs.

A more complex example: AUTOMATIC MACHINE SETTING
Try to imagine machines that communicate with each other regardless of the place - two of your identical machines producing the same part in India and Germany and communicating with each other. In India, the machine can obtain information that a 10% drop in speed will reduce the number of unplanned outages. The machine in Germany will then learn that a certain component should be replaced sooner than normal.

Technological development is so fast that it requires gradual steps. For the path from idea to action to be as short as possible, it is good to divide the process of digitally transforming your production into partial and clearly defined steps. A good way to get started is to invest into an adaptable platform, which is resilient to potential changes in the future and can be expanded based on the requirements of technological development. For example, in the near future we would like to create a business platform, a virtual market of machine capacities. Maybe your machines will be offered among the first.



33 is a natural number, it is the atomic weight of arsenic, it is the number of biblical miracles, it is the sum of the four first positive factorials, it is a principal number.

Using numbers, we mathematically teach machines to think and understand.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), we create a unique (A)rchitecture and do so to provide added value (+), benefit, and not only to our customers, but to the whole of the society that we are all part of.

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